Taught by Wanda Cox. Wanda has taught beginning watercolor portrait classes for over 14 years and nothing thrills her soul like watching a student be amazed that they can complete a portrait in watercolor. She began painting 16 years ago having never painted or drawn before and realized pretty quickly all she wanted to paint was people. She began reading everything she could find on how to paint portraits and prayed she would find a mentor to help her understand watercolors and especially portraits. She never found a mentor but now know God was whispering in her ear each step of the way and walked her through every painting she did. Teaching is her way of giving back to artists the help she longed for when she was learning to paint watercolor portraits.

The workshop begins by going over a few basics of watercolors and a brief explanation of my technique in creating portraits. Everyone will work on the same portraits which she will draw and provide on watercolor paper along with the reference photo. She will begin by painting the first wash (layer) while students observe my process and will explain the process so students will have a better understanding of the technique.

Materials needed for class:

Perylene Maroon - only available by Winsor Newton
Alizarin Crimson
Sap Green
Phthalo Green (blue shade) or Viridin
Quinacridone Gold or New Gamboge
Phthalo Blue (red shade) or Winsor Blue
Ivory Black
Ultramarine Blue
Van Dyke Brown
Quinacridone Violet or Winsor Purple

Round watercolor size 10 brush with a good point
Rigger or Liner Brush #2
“Scrubber” Brushes - small stiff brush to lift paint if needed



PAPER (I’ll supply the paper for the class but you will need some to work on outside of class.) Fabriano Artistico, if available, cold or hot press - we will work on cold press (rough texture) and hot press (smooth).

This is a 4 part series with the following dates:
Class starts at 11am - 1pm
Thursday, February 3
Thursday, February 10 
Thursday, February 17 
Thursday, February 24 

If you can only make 2 of the classes, please contact us.

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