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Artisan Partnership

Hi Artisan,

We're really excited that you're interested in partnering up with The Hug Box. We are always looking for unique, new artisans that fit our brand.

Here are a few requirements to consider before applying:
1. Is your product natural, eco-friendly, handmade? Is any of your packaging sustainable?
Note: As of right now, the only food/drink products that we carry in our gift boxes are tea, coffee, honey, chocolate, pet treats, and all-natural candy. If your products are edible or scented we may require that you send a sample to test.
2. Are you a local artisan? 
3. Do you 'give back' to the community?
4. Do you have your own brand (logo, website) in place?
Note: iI you are just starting out and need a new or refresh brand, logo, website or other marketing materials, please contact They specialize in small business, boutique, artisan branding and graphic design, with over 25 years experience, and are partnered with the Hug Box working with artisans who are just getting started.

Benefits to partnering with the Hug Box.
We love to support artisan small businesses. It's a collaboration and helps us all grow!
1. Your products will periodically be promoted on our social media networks: facebook, Instagram, and PinterestPlease like or follow us and share, especially if we mention you, we will do the same.
2. Your company summary and website address will be available to customers at all times on Our Hug Box Artisans page. If you have stockists page on your website, we would love to be listed.
3. We also send out occasional emails to highlight new themed boxes and products and more! We would love it if you would sign up and share, especially if you are mentioned. 
4. Your products will also be showcased and for sale at our brick and mortar in Downtown Historic Newnan, Georgia. People in the community love to shop local, find new unique and healthy products that they can't find in the big stores. We would love them to find you too and come back for more!

To apply please contact us with the following:

  • Business name
  • Your name
  • Your e-mail
  • Business website
  • Description of your products
  • Short summary of business vision/background/community involvement
  • Retail pricing
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Shipping costs
  • Have you ever worked with any type of gift business? or subscription box? in any gift shops? If so, which one, and when? 
If you are local to Newnan, Georgia or the surrounding area and are interested in sharing space at the shop, please submit your application and we will contact you about space availability. Contact us for more information.