Hug it Forward Mission

Our Hug it Forward mission starts with a portion of the proceeds from each Hug Box™ gift order and the Hug Box™ brand products (to come). The proceeds will be donated to a children's nonprofit every year. The nonprofit will have a focus on children and their well-being, education, nutrition or the arts. 

An announcement will be made when that level has been reached and when we will be able to start taking applications for the Hug-a-Child Campaign for that next year. If you would like updates, please signup for our hugs-to-date emails and follow us on instagram and facebook.

We also donate proceeds to Best Friends Atlanta from the following Hug Boxes:

Best Friends Animal Rescue in AtlantaMan and Best Friend Hug Box™
Woman and Best Friend Hug Box™
Purrfect Pair Hug Box™
Cat Got Your Heart Hug Box™

APRA (Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption) has joined Best Friends Animal Society as Best Friends in Atlanta. The center serves as a lifesaving hub for animals and also a base from which gaps can be filled in local programming and to build a coalition to help the metro-Atlanta area with it's push for no-kill.