The 10 secret weapons of drawing workshops consist of three specific approaches to observational and interpretive drawing. Participants can take just one, two or all three classes in the series.

Taught By Susan Krause, a 30 year award winning art educator who understands and embraces the power and value of creativity for everyone. Susan holds a Master’s degree in art from Yale University and has taught consistently on the college level. She has held 100’s of diverse, fun and skill building workshops, talks and demonstrations all over the world for those with and without art experience which she greatly enjoys. Her goal in experience based classes is to demystify art making and spark a creative language within each individual that is truly unique and enlightening, but also fun and non-judgmental.


SATURDAY March 19 10-12pm

This 3rd 2 hour class consists of tying the 10 approaches together using black and white charcoal on neutral paper. A portrait model will be present to draw from life. Approaches to simple facial anatomy, composition, proportion, depth, foreshortening, will be highlighted. Skills learned can apply to any style, material and living subject matter. Black and white media on grey tone paper. All materials provided for the session.

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