FAQs about the Hug Box

        1. How do I find a Hug Box for that specific person?
          Whether it's your mom, dad, sister, teacher, spouse, grandchild, best friend... we have a gift for them. Check out our curated Hug Boxes or Build a Hug Box.

        2. Are there special categories according to the reason for the gift?
          Yes. We create Hug Boxes specific for many life situations and occasions The listings are only suggestions. You of course can pick any themed Hug Box you would like to send. Are they sick and/or in the hospital? Send a Get Well Hug Box. Do they need cheering up? Our Cheer Up Hug Boxes will surely make them smile. There are many gift categories for anyone or any life situation or occasion, under the gifts for and shop links. If you don't find anything that will work for your needs, please let us know.

        3. May I add a personal message?
          Yes. There is a 'You have been sent a hug' notecard in every Hug Box with the contents listed and your message. The message box is located on the 'add to cart' page under the payment options. Please be sure to include their name and yours in the message, since the return mailing address is the Hug Box address. They will not know who their Hug Box is from unless you add it to your notecard. Also, we add their name to the front of the card. 
          Please note: If you are using a third party to pay (GooglePay, ApplePay, ShopPay, PayPal or AmazonPay), you will not be able to submit your message for the notecard that is on our 'add to cart' page since your third party payment takes you to a new site. And the third party payment, may not let you submit a different shipping address other than the one on your personal account. Please email us at hello@thehugbox.com, with your order #, the recipient's name, your message and who it is from and recipient's shipping address if it isn't correct on your order confirmation. 

          If we haven't received a message for your notecard at the time of your order, we will contact you via email. If after contacting you, we haven't been emailed a message, we simply write 'You have been sent a hug' from [your name].

        4. May I hand-deliver my Hug Box?
          Yes. When you place your order, write 'hand-deliver' in the message box. You may include a message for the notecard or we will leave it blank. Please send us the recipient's name so that we can add it to the front of the notecard.

        5. Is there a Hug Box brick and mortar?
          Not anymore. The Hug Box shop was located in Downtown Historic Newnan, Georgia, We opened up in June 2018 and closed in May 2024. It was a beautiful and blessed six years, As a one woman-owned small business t was time to simplify and get back to focusing on the Hug box gift boxes.

        6. Is there a set price on the Hug Boxes?
          Each themed Hug Box has its own unique pricing based on the contents. Our products are high quality, small batch, eco friendly and natural local artisan products, so they can cost slightly more than mass produced, corporate products, but worth it!

          Please note:
           We are not a subscription box, so there are no obligations to monthly payments.

        7. May I customize my own Hug Box?
          Yes. You can Build a Hug Box

        8. What is the timeframe for delivery of my Hug Box?
          It takes 1-2 days to process and shipping timeline will depend on the state it is being shipped to and you will be given an estimated time via USPS Priority Mail or USP Ground when you place your order. We are a small business located in Georgia (and aren't Amazon), so it will take more time to get to further states.  

          Please note: 
          Remember not to include Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays for your delivery timeline. We cannot guarantee a specific day of delivery of your package.

          Please be aware that if you give us a shipping address for a company/office/hospital/assisted living or the like, delivery might be another day or two according to their internal mail system unless you chose local delivery in the Newnan, Georgia area.

          UPS cannot send packages to P.O. Boxes.

          Once a package is noted 'delivered' we can not control if it is lost or stolen. We hope this would not occur, but if it does please let us know immediately and we will help direct you to file your claim. You will be sent a tracking number via email after you place your order and when your package is in route, so you can keep track and know when it is delivered.

        9. What if something was damaged in shipping?  
          We pack our Hug Boxes carefully to help prevent damage, but sometimes after being in many hands, damage may occur. Please send us a photo of the damaged goods as soon as they have been received, within 3 days please, and we will be happy to replace the item(s).

        10. What if I entered the wrong address with my order?  
          Contact us immediately, before shipping is processed, and we can adjust it. If it ships with the incorrect address that you provided, we unfortunately can not fix that.

        11. Where can I send my Hug Box?
          Currently we only ship within the USA. 

          Please note:
          If you live in another country, you can certainly have a gift delivered to someone living in the USA.

        12. Do you deliver same day?
          We do offer local delivery as an option when ordering. Your order must be submitted by 11am in order for same day delivery. After 11am, it will be fulfilled and delivered the next day. We only deliver to the Newnan, Georgia area. Please do not choose your Newnan, Georgia address as the shipping address if your Hug Box is meant to be shipped out of state. Click here for more info.

        13. Do you give refunds?
          Your gift purchase is final once it has been delivered. I'm not sure they would want to give anything in their Hug Box gift back, especially with these awesome goodies. 

        14. Do you put receipts in the Hug Boxes?  
          This is a gift so there will never be a receipt in a Hug Box. You, as the client, will however receive an email with an order receipt and confirmation as well as updates on shipping. Please keep in mind as well that your name and address will not be included, so be sure to add your name to your message for the notecard. 

If you have other questions, or any issues, suggestions, or feedback... please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as we can.