FAQ's about the Hug Box™

      1. How do I find thehugbox™ for that specific person?
        Whether it's your mom, dad, sister, teacher, spouse, grandchild, best friend... we have categories under the link gifts for for you to browse.

      2. Are there special categories according to the reason for the gift?
        Yes. We have suggestions, but you of course can pick any themed Hug Box you would like to send. Are they sick and/or in the hospital? Send a Get Well Hug BoxDid they just adopt a puppy? Here's a 'give-back' great gift. Did they purchase a new home? Try one of these. Do they need cheering up? These will surely make them smile. There are many gift categories for anyone or any life situation or occasion, under the gifts for and shop links. If you don't find anything that will work for your needs, please let us know.

      3. Can I hand-deliver my Hug Box?
        Yes. When you place your order, write 'hand-deliver' in the message box when you place your order. And enter your address as the shipping address. We will supply you with a blank notecard to write your own message.
        Note: We also have greeting cards for special occasions like Mother's Day and Christmas, Get Well, etc. We will be adding these to our site as an extra option.

      4. Is there a set price on the Hug Boxes?
        Each themed Hug Box has it's own unique pricing based on the contents. 
        Note: We are not a subscription box. We do however have an option for a three months hug box package.

      5. Can I customize my own Hug Box?
        We are in the process of setting up our site for customized hug boxes. Until then, we have helped many customers customize their own Hug Boxes, by contacting us with requests.

      6. What is the timeframe for delivery of my Hug Box?
        It will usually take 1-2 days to process and then 2-3 days for shipping with the USPS. You can send it overnight, but unfortunately that is really pricey no matter what. 
        Note: Please be aware that if you give us a shipping address for a company/office/hospital/assisted living or the like, delivery might be another day or two according to their internal mail system.

      7. Where can i send my Hug Box?
        Currently we only ship within the USA. We have a flat shipping fee of $7/per box.
        Note: If you live in another country, you can certainly have a gift delivered to someone living in the USA. Someday, we hope to expand internationally.

      8. Do you have a rewards program?
        Yes. We have a rewards program that gives you points for future purchases. It's as easy as referring a friend or simply signing up. Click on the button 'Rewards Program' on the leftside of the site.

        If you have other questions, or any issues, suggestions, or feedback... please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as we can.