the Hug Box™ Story

Finding the most unique gifts for friends and family has long been a joy for me. Sending love and support in a personalized, custom-wrapped, eco-friendly package filled with uplifting, quality artisan products, that were sourced with care is the next best thing when you can’t be present. thehugbox™ was created to 'send a hug' and bring smiles to those in need of it most.

As well as continuing a career of 25 plus years in art direction and graphic design, I worked on the side to launch thehugbox in June 2014, knowing I wanted to do something to 'give-back'. thehugbox was created to lift people's spirits. It was a way to support talented artisans from across the USA, and to share their healthy, handmade, all-natural, eco-friendly products. Our artisans also give back to many nonprofits, as well as being as sustainable as possible. 

I’m thankful to my friends and family who have supported my idea from the beginning, plus the friendships with the many artisans and small businesses that have partnered with thehugbox. The best thing though is hearing the wonderful stories about thehugbox receivers and the joy of knowing someone cared enough to send them a hug.

Big Hug to (U),  
Vicki Sanders, Chief Hug Officer/Creator