The Hug Box Gift Story

Vicki Sanders Creator and Chief Hug Officer of the Hug BoxFinding the most unique gifts for friends and family has long been a joy for me. The thought of a gift basket business dream started in 2004, but was set aside as I continued a career in graphic design. As life changes would have it, in 2013, this dream came about again in a new form. I worked diligently to conceptualize, brand and build the Hug Box™. My dream launched and became my great work in June 2014.

Sending a hug in the mail, created with love in a personalized sustainable package and filled with uplifting, quality artisan products is the next best thing when you can’t be there in person. The Hug Box was created to provide easy shopping and delivery for meaningful gifts that would lift people's spirits. Sending a Hug Box in the mail, and shopping at the Hug Box shop (closed as of May 2024) in Historic Downtown Newnan helps to support talented, hard-working artisans and small businesses locally in Georgia and from across the USA. The Hug Box is a platform to share their healthy, handmade, all-natural, eco-friendly products. It is a collaboration that gives back to communities, as well as being as sustainable and respectful to our earth as possible. And as the Hug Box grows, with each Hug Box sale, we hope to make an even bigger difference in supporting local nonprofits each year through the Hug Someone Campaign.

I’m thankful to my family and friends who have supported me and my idea from the beginning, and for the new friendships with artisans and small business owners that have partnered with the Hug Box. Last but not least, the best thing in this dream is hearing that our clients are happy and their Hug Box recipients were filled with joy with the surprise gift of a Hug Box.

Many hugs,  
Vicki Sanders, Creator + CHO (Chief Hug Officer)

Photo by: Susan Crutchfield