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The Hug Box opened a brick and mortar in June 2018 in Historic Downtown Newnan, Georgia. Since opening the doors, it has been a beautiful journey meeting so many neighbors, visitors, and artisans. During 2020 (the year of the COVID-19 interruption), we decided to share space, at the Hug Box brick and mortar, with more local artisans. Each of these artists, creators, makers, mothers, entrepreneurs, givers represent a medium. Now our shop is filled with even more happy handmade goodies!

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Line Creek Leather Co.
Leather. Brooks, Georgia

Line Creek Leather was created in 2016 out of passion and necessity. Miranda Allen, a second generation leathercrafter, left an exciting career in event management and production to be a stay at home mom. After years of not having a chance to really work on the craft she was taught as a child, she now had the time to create. What started out as an creative outlet turned into a way to financially contribute to her family, while being a fulltime mommy.  

Miranda’s favorite part of her craft is leather carving, where she carves pictures into the leather and hammers dimension before dyeing, painting and finishing.

When not hammering leather, she is studying, selling and drinking wine, working in the greenhouse and garden and tending to her worm farm. 

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Turnrow Bath, Body and Home 
Bath, Body and Home. Tyrone, Georgia

Turnrow Bath Body & Home was founded by former educator, Marci Scharko, who began her business over a decade ago. Ingredients for her products are locally sourced from their family farm, Scharko Farms, and other Atlanta area farms. All ingredients are selected with quality, skin health, and nature in mind. 

This all began because of her daughters’ sensitive skin and eczema issues. She found there weren’t any good options for simple, natural, effective skincare on the market. So she put her education background to work along with her passion for natural botanical ingredients and developed a soap recipe that worked. She began selling her soaps alongside her families organic farm at local markets. Her product line has grown to include 50 different items and so has her knowledge and passion for business. Her production has moved from her kitchen to her studio inside her renovated barn behind her early 1900’s home in small town Tyrone, Ga.

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Pick it Place Designs 
Acrylics. Newnan, Georgia

In 2013, Heather Bergholt began creating as a therapeutic activity. A craft that she and her daughter very much enjoyed doing together. Her bold and colorful work is filled with joy and optimism. She works mainly on wood. 

Heather’s first piece was sold in 2017. She now creates much more than paintings. Her designs flow onto decorative birdhouses, farmhouse beads,
mugs and postcards. 

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Mud Haven Pottery
Pottery. Newnan, Georgia

AJ Sears-Moore first discovered working with clay back in 1996. In 2012, after a knee injury during her stunt career, she reconnected with mud. Since August 2019, AJ found her love again and has been at the wheel everyday discovering new creations and developing her skill even more. She also teaches at Wren’s Nest Pottery in Hogansville. She hopes her creations and teachings bring you as much joy as they bring to her. As she often says “The Fairies told me to do it!”

Coming in the Fall, AJ and Jess Norris will be joining forces to open a community and workshop pottery studio in Grantsville, Georgia. 

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Susan Krause Artworks
Metal. Newnan, Georgia

Susan Krause is a local award winning art educator who understands the value of creativity for everyone. Susan has held 100’s of workshops all over the world for not only the enrichment of individuals but communities as well. Her goal is to spark a creative interest in 3D by presenting simple hands-on activities that provide an entry point to making without the expectations a class structure often creates. She creates the tin windmills, mailbox toppers and sculptural ornaments
with a spot welder on site.

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Mackenzie Myrick
Pen and Ink Illustration. Pine Mountain, Georgia

Mackenzie Myrick, artist and illustrator works in pen and ink to create detailed, contemplative drawings that verge on whimsy and surrealism.

Her drawings blend the real world with fantasy through a combination of realistic detail and dreamlike compositions. She finds inspiration in the natural world, and creates art that allowsviewers to see nature in a new way.

One thing that unifies her work is an emphasis on story and meaning. Storytelling is one of the most important aspects of any creative pursuit, as stories capture our imagination and lead us to new discoveries. Mackenzie’s hope is that her drawings will invite people to take a closer look and form their own version of the story contained in each piece.

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Mona Does Concrete
Concrete. Decatur, Georgia

Mona Does Concrete also know as MDC. Mona learned the craft from her husband Mike. (His business is Mike Does Carpentry). They support each other and work as a team and are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. 

Mona loves working with concrete because it has a raw and industrial feel that communicates earthiness and a strong sense of foundation and stability. She also appreciates the versatility of the medium, and the limitless shapes and textures that can be created.

Her creations include, plant pots, cheeseboards, coasters, jewelry, salt and pepper cellars, and more.

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Fabric. Decatur, Georgia

re:loom is a program of Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in Decatur, Georgia. Founded in 1990 with one home and one homeless family, IAH’s mission is to provide permanent, affordable housing to homeless and low-income families in metro Atlanta. Our rigorous, holistic social services program empowers individuals to reach personal goals and achieve independence

We help individuals address obstacles to employment through paid on-site job training and leadership opportunities. Weavers design and produce handmade products from donated recycled fabric and lead a team of weavehouse volunteers. With a stable salary, 100% healthcare coverage, and opportunities to engage in the operation of the weavehouse, employees gain a financial foundation, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose and accomplishment. With your help, re:loom will continue to support the IAH team in growing our positive impact on homelessness in Atlanta.

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Wren's Nest Pottery
Ceramics. Hogansville, Georgia

Wren’s Nest Pottery was founded in 2010 by Suzi McKibben, ceramic jewelry and pottery artisan.

“My upbringing on a pecan farm with avid naturalist parents, influences my work greatly. I inevitably incorporate aspects of nature in my art. I am drawn to the branching of trees and curls of vines, how stones are rounded by water, and the patterns in natural objects. You will find these fascinations carved, stamped, and drawn on much of my work. It is a tangible representation of my wonderment of the world around me.”

Wren’s Nest Pottery is located in Hogansville, Georgia. They offer workshops and classes to inspire and enhance everyone’s creative spark and spirit.   

Their mission is to create a safe, communal space for all levels of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creative sides.

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Journey into Simple Living 
Book. Peachtree City, Georgia

As a mother, writer, optimistic realist, action-taker, and visionary, Annie Singh-Quern is living with passion and purpose to bring people together and build them up through words, deeds, and partnerships. Though she resides in Peachtree City, Georgia, Annie considers herself a “citizen of the world” after having traveled to over 30 countries spanning four continents.

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Birch Bug Woodburning
Wood. Peachtree City, Georgia

Birch Bug Woodburning is the most recent endeavor of Rachel McMath, a fine artist local to Peachtree City, GA. Rachel co-runs Blue Cicada Studios, in Peachtree City. She is an art teacher, a social media coordinator, event manager and a freelancer designer. Birch Bug pieces are made with high-quality woods
such as bamboo, acacia, pine, and of course, birch. All materials used are natural and the woodburning process is non-toxic and produces no waste. Birch Bug
admires, utilizes, and protects nature. 

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Jenni Horne  
Jewelry and Acrylics. Newnan, Georgia

Jenni, also known as artsyorange, is an acrylic painter and creates jewelry using her art in combination with metal and leather. She has been an art teacher (currently teaching high school photography) for over 20 years, with a BFA from Auburn University in Alabama. Her love for teaching radiates as she also offers workshops on occasion online and in person. She lives in Historic Downtown Newnan.

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