Holiday Joy Ideas

December 02, 2020

Holiday Joy Ideas

During these last weeks before the holidays, especially with the state we are in with the pandemic, we are hoping that you are finding joy. 

Here are some joyful ideas:

1. Connect to those that will be alone. There are still some that haven't been able to get out of their living spaces because of the pandemic, and this holiday is not going to be easy for them. Setup a video call on the holiday (have dinner together, open gifts, watch a Christmas movie) with those that can't be with you. Here are a list of video apps and how to use them. 

2. Bake together. Lots of holiday traditions and memories are made at home. Making cookies is one of them! Try this joyful recipe

3. Volunteer. There are still ways to volunteer safely. Love the ideas on this great site.

4. Plan future trips. This pandemic won't last forever. Make a list of things you and your loved ones will plan to do together, places you have never been to before. Here is a guide for your detailed planning.

5. Virtual hug someone. We can make this happen with a Hug Box gift box filled with local artisan products. You will be supporting many small businesses that are striving to stay afloat. So many gifts in one! Shop hugs here.

Note: Be sure to order your Hug Box by December 14 to be safe on shipping. If you are local to Newnan, Georgia near our brick and mortar, we will be making local deliveries, so your gift will be sure to get there in time no matter when you order. Or come by the shop and Build a Hug Box or choose pickup. We are practicing safety here at the shop.

PS: The links shared are by no means affiliated with the Hug Box, just sources that I thought were well-written and useful. And of course a link to the CDC's Holiday Celebration