Why thehugbox™?

March 31, 2016

Why thehugbox™?

CBS Better Mornings Atlanta SetI wanted to say thank you for choosing thehugbox™ for your gift-giving. This was a creation from my heart-something that I loved to give my friends and family to make them smile. I do love fresh flowers, fresh fruit, good wine, and fresh baked cookies (more so if they are from local sources), but I also love gifts that are unique, more meaningful, personal and make a difference.

Being an artist myself, I know that it is hard to make a living doing what you love, so it was a mission to support the artisans (and there are so many across the US) that are so talented, work hard and create professional products for a living. And a bonus is that a lot of these
artisans also give back to nonprofits of all kinds. 

Another thing that I believe is more and more important is thinking about giving healthy, handmade, eco-friendly, all-natural quality products for gifts. It's become a habit for us to run around the corner to buy cheaper, commercial, toxin-filled, possibly made-somewhere-in-a-not-so-good-environment, but those choices are not always the best for everyone's health or living environments. It's great to see that people are becoming more and more aware of choosing healthy and being environmentally conscience.

Also, you don't have to step out of your home, rack your brain, drive around the corner or all over town trying to find the perfect gift. You can help the environment, save gas, your precious time and money, and make a difference! How? Because I have done the research, found the goodies and put them together all on one online shopping site. And we will deliver the box of hugs for you! People love surprises too!

These are all of the reasons I created the hug box. Well... and I love to create everyday, help others and give hugs!

I hope that you enjoy the hug box and all that it has to offer. I welcome any reviews and feedback. We want the hug box to be a truly happy experience for you and the receiver.

Thank you!
Vicki, Chief Hug Officer/Creator

Pictured: thehugbox airing on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta.