And the Good News is

March 04, 2022

Laura Meredith and Vicki Sanders at the Hug Box shop in Historic Downtown Newnan Georgia.

The sun is out and the air is getting warmer... meaning spring is pretty much here and I will ignore what the groundhog saw.

I am so filled with joy, especially after having some bad winter days, but God is always good. As usual, when I have a bad day, there is always someone that comes in the shop to brighten my day and lift me up. I thought that's what I was here for! But happily I do get to do that for many people too. It's all about sharing your love and joy with others. And knowing there are always going to be bad days, but with love and support of those around you and God, we always get back up and running again. It's the time we are down that makes us stronger and tests us on how we deal with it. I knew God had more plans for me and my business, as He continues to do in a pace I can handle, and patience I learned will always my virtue.

When I took over the space in the back of the Hug Box shop last fall, it was exciting, but brought on constant thoughts and more work on how to grow and keep up with double the bills. But I kept the faith. From community feedback, and another dream I had, creative workshops were becoming a reality as the best use for the back space. It was a time constraint for planning and I got a few workshops in place, but didn't get the word out enough and in time to fill them all up. Learning a lesson, I simplified (which oddly is what I always preach). I found it would be more successful and less work for someone already wearing too many hats (moi). BUT there was also another reason the format of the creative workshops would change a bit. It's amazing when events happen after having deep conversations with God. He brought myself and a new found friend together, unknowing that soon we would be working side by side working at our dream businesses. She came to me to talk about starting a small business and I in turn helped her with her branding and helping her in any way she needed to get up and running, which brought us both to the the bright idea of her book shop in my back space! It turned out we were brought together to help each other. So come mid April, the back space will be a book shop! Candle Wick Book Company, a cozy book shop around the corner (meaning the back space of Hug Box shop!) It will be an amazing space with specially picked books in many genres, community connecting and even coffee! I am so excited for Laura and her dream coming true. It is going to be a joy to have creative collaborations as the creative workshops and book clubs will be happening in the evenings (and Sundays and Mondays) focusing on renewing, relaxing, having fun and learning a new skill or discussing a book in small groups. Community, Love. Joy. It's all happening here everyday!

So if you are local to Newnan, or visiting be sure to come see us. And follow us on instagram @candlewickbookcompany and @thehugbox for updates on the soft opening and grand opening of the book shop and more creative workshops!

Photo: Laura and I on a behind the scenes working day!