Branding for Small Business.

March 10, 2023

The Hug Box Branding

Since opening up the Hug Box brick and mortar gift shop, I have met more and more artisans, small business owners and nonprofits, mainly in the local community, and have become dear friends. During these last 4 years (going on 5 in June!) at the Hug Box shop, I have had many conversations with artisans, customers and visitors about small business and branding. I love to hear their stories and the goals and missions that they have with their creations. And if I can help them further, I love to work collaboratively to develop their brand. If you are interested, I would love to hear your business plan and story. Connect here.

My background is graphic design / art direction / branding. Over the past 30 years my experiences have brought me to this place and time - the creator and owner of the Hug Box. After being in the corporate and fast paced design world for so many years, it is a great joy to slow down and focus on the Hug Box, and consulting and designing logos and marketing materials, packaging, whatever would be needed to get the business started and/or moving forward. You can read more here. And when I can... my own brand creations.

Here are just a few of the fabulous artisans, small businesses, and nonprofits I had the pleasure of working with in the last couple of years...
Mud Haven Pottery
Annie Singh Quern
Grit and Grace Studio to Streetwear
Wrens Nest Pottery
Newnan Book Company
River Wyld
Soles for Cole
The Bricks on Church Street
Micro Life Institute
Pavillion Construction

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