Give Back Gifts

December 19, 2019

Give back with love

LOVE LOVE LOVE that so many big companies and small businesses give back. I remember when Tom's Shoes first started giving a pair of shoes to someone in need for every purchase. The creator of Tom's is a great story, same for Life is Good creators. I discovered Roma Boots a couple of years back and decided to get away from the trend of Hunter boots and buy from Roma. They give a pair away with each purchase as well. Their motto is "Giving poverty o boot!" I also love and have a pair of Warby Parker glasses. They give a pair away with each purchase. And of course my favorite (which Hug Box donates to) Best Friends. We have a Best Friends Atlanta chapter (which was formerly Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption). Each of our Pet Hug Box sales adds to our yearly donation to Best Friends and our local animal rescue and adoption, Newnan Coweta Humane Society. A fairly newer company (that isn't on the list below) is Bombas Socks.

A lot of the Hug Box artisans also give back, like Conscious Ink, Goods that Matter, Night Owl Paper Goods, re:loom to name a few. They may not be able to give an item away with every purchase, but they give back what they can to their local community and nonprofits and to the earth by being as eco-friendly as they can. Check out these amazing local artisans and please support them. We continue to find and support give back artisans and small businesses for our shop and Hug Boxes.

With every Hug Box purchase, we set aside 10% of the proceeds to our Hug-a-Child Campaign, and donate each year to a local nonprofit in our community that focuses on children and their care and needs. READ MORE.

All great for gifting and for personal shopping! Checkout 36 Charitable Companies HERE.