Grateful Heart

November 23, 2021

Grateful Heart

My heart is so grateful this day and everyday. There are so many things to be grateful for of course - from sunshine and fresh air to, honestly, more sales this week than last to keep the Hugs being delivered. And if it's a bad day, pausing to remember those things that I am grateful for and which fill me up with happiness.

  • Grateful for our lovely customers that send hugs and love supporting small business and local artisans.
  • Grateful to have met and become friends with many local artisans that are so creative and contribute to the growth of the Hug Box.
  • Grateful for our friendly community and the new smiles and old friends I get to see every day at the shop.
  • Grateful there are so many people out there that have so much love in their hearts. I know because I read it in their messages for their notecards and know that even with trials and tribulations the receivers are so thankful someone is loving them.
  • Grateful that after all these years of being a graphic designer that I have found a true purpose for my creativity and will continue to explore and share my ideas and creations to bring joy to others with my service, products, art and designs.
So when the world may seem chaotic and filled with bad news, looking right in front of you is always the key to knowing the grateful truth of who people are and their grateful hearts. It's where to start and where to end your day.

There are some fabulous emails that I subscribe to that are inspirational to me, especially for a creative small business owner. Two of those remarkable people sent out emails this week and so I wanted to share.

I hope you and yours have a peaceful and lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends.


PS: The Hug Box brick and mortar shop will be closed on Thanksgiving and all online orders will be sent off for shipping the next day. The Hug Box shop will  open again on Friday (Plaid Friday in #mainstreetnewnan) and for Small Business Saturday. Look for an email with special promos that will be occurring both days. If you haven't subscribed, click here.