Blooms of Happy

June 03, 2021

Blooms of Happy Hug Box

I can't believe May has come and gone already. This beautiful spring sunshine is surely uplifting! We can outside for a walk, play with the dogs, watch the flowers bloom, breath some fresh air and listen to the birds. The little things. Our fast paced and tech heavy world can get a little chaotic and stressing on us and it's good to take a break from it daily. The month of May was actually Mental Health Awareness Month (I'm a little late, but better than never). Now more than ever, although it has been an ongoing issue for quite some time, we should have always been sensitive to and understanding of mental health no matter the capacity. There are so many that suffer daily no matter what the form or size of emotional, social, psychological distress. Finally it seems, although there is much work to be done, the stigma is slowly going away and it is being discussed more and more. It can be easy for some of us to find positivity and handle stress, be productive and reach our dreams, but for some others, their days are full of trials and tribulations to reach their inner happiness. I am familiar with this personally and with loved ones as I'm sure you are too. 

Here are some ways I have learned, and keep practicing, to keep in check with my daily well-being:

FOCUS. Focusing on one thing at a time and putting your all into it knowing you will feel good in the end. I am talking about focusing on self-care, (which is not being selfish by the way). You need to take care of yourself, especially if you want to continue to take care of others. Taking care of your mind, body and soul. Focus on what serves you best in that moment whether that is 15 minutes of calming meditation, making a colorful, fulfilling salad, creating a therapeutic painting, a 20 minute fresh air walk - whatever you can manage daily, focus on that thing only - do it for you. Just focusing on what you are doing at that time whether that is work time, family time, play time, self-care time. I was always a multitasker and it was not serving well. 

FUN. This one can be harder as you get older, because with age comes more responsibilities, having to act like a grown-up and honestly I have a harder time with this one, even though I was plenty silly back in my younger years, because I feel like I am always in work mode. Working at the Hug Box (and designing) is fun for me mostly, but it's not the fun I am talking about here. This fun is the child-like fun. Taking time off to play and play like there is nowhere to be, nothing that needs to be done, just pure play time. Laugh, be silly, play an old board game, tell funny stories from the past, be spontaneous, and my favorite... dance like nobody is watching.

FAMILY & FRIENDS. Surrounding yourself with loving, caring and positive people is a sure way to lift you up. We all need our time to ourselves, but feeling the love and hugs and connecting, hopefully face to face will distract you from woes and give you the energy to get up and get moving. And don't feel bad about taking a break from people in your life that bring you down. Volunteering is a wonderful way to find loving connections.

FAITH. This is my foundation for everything. All of the above couldn't complete me, mind, body and soul without faith being the main component. I have a personal testament, or I should say many these days at the Hug Box, to this and my love for myself and others has grown immensely and my strength and courage grows more everyday as I enter new phases of my life. God is my father and I know He loves me as I am and always will. He is the foundation of my inner happiness.

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