National Let's Laugh Day

March 19, 2020

National Let's Laugh Day

It's National Let's Laugh Day!

Great timing. I know we all need some laughter during this very unexpected time. Laughter is also the best medicine. My dog Lucy makes me laugh and dancing around the house makes me happy, but my husband's dancing makes me laugh. Silly TV comedies like The Office and Friends are always a given laugh for me.

Seniors could really use some laughter. I know my mom could use a good laugh right now. I took some of these ideas to make seniors laugh and applied some to our current stay-at-home situation too.  

What makes you laugh?

Here are some ideas while at home:

1. Fill a basket up with jokes and pick and read aloud. Here are some to choose fromPlease use parental discretion for family time before choosing from this list! 

2. Play a game like Charades.

3. Dance off! Here is some inspiration

4. Make paper fortune tellers

5. Make your own Mad Libs. This one is for summer goals for kids. 

6. Play with your dog or cat! if you don't have a dog or cat, it's a good time to foster or rescue one.  Or watch these

Happy Laughing! And stay healthy! Virtual hugs, Vicki 

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