National No Housework Day

April 07, 2020

The Hug Box No Housework Day

Ironically, we have all been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning again these days. I order my groceries, pick them up, and clean off every single item, wash every piece of fruit, disinfect every door knob, handle, switch, faucet, etc. and wash my hands again and again and again. It's been overwhelming, on top of regular cleaning duties, so I thought it was ironic that it is National No Housework Day.

So while we still have to get out the disinfecting spray (which by the way I can not find anymore anywhere to buy... along with toilet paper). I guess since it's a national day, we (mainly moms) can take the day and take a break from the other chores. I am sure a lot of spring cleaning has been going on as it is. So just for today, no dishes, no laundry, no picking up after everyone, no vacuuming, no window washing, no laundry, no dusting, no making beds, no whatever other chores. Instead take some time for a breath of fresh air, read a book for 4 hours, take a long nap, drink a mimosa or two, take a bubble bath, support small businesses - go shopping online, play games with the kiddos, make some face masks out of old t-shirts, dance with your hubby, but NO EXTRA HOUSEWORK TODAY. We have enough disinfecting to do as it is. I think it should be National No Housework Month... for the remainder of April. 

Hugs and good health my sisters (and brothers). 

#NationalNoHouseworkDay #NohouseworkfortherestofApril #stayhome #stopcoronavirus #spreadthelove

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