5 Ways for Simple Gifting

December 04, 2019

Simple gifting this holiday season

Here are some simple ways to have an enjoyable gifting season.

1. Shop early. (Although I am blogging this the first of December) Nobody wants to be rushed, stressed or make last minute gift decisions that aren't meaningful. It should be enjoyable to find special gifts. I like to shop local artisan goods throughout the year at festivals, special events or small business boutiques. When you get closer to the holiday season, you will find yourself with more time to relax and enjoy it in other ways. A few of the reasons why I conceptualized the Hug Box were to help those in need of a gift when they run out of time in their busy lives, to support local artisans and to provide a meaningful gift option - one that sends a hug.

2. Don't feel bad about budgeting. It doesn't matter what you spend on a gift, it can still be meaningful. It is the thought that counts. To ease my stress, I decide what I can afford to spend on each person on my list without getting into debt. I'm sure your gift receiver's first thought isn't the price tag. The Hug Box gift boxes have a range of prices and you can also contact us to create one that fits your budget.

3. Give experiences. When it's hard to find that perfect tangible gift and/or you want to do something unique and fun, give an experience. I have gifted tickets and gift certificates to concerts, theater productions, sporting events and activities, and the spa. And I wrapped them up in a box. At the shop, I have had customers add spa gift cards to their customized Hug Box gift boxes

4. Give consumable gifts. When shopping for someone who has everything or you are unsure of what they would like, gifts that have every day consumables are always received well. I enjoy creating gift boxes with locally made happy and healthy goodies. (Good thing since I do it everyday at the Hug Box). When putting together corporate gift boxes for customers, I choose local coffee, honey, chocolate, candles, soap, tea towels and more. There are many Hug Box gift boxes with consumable items wrapped and ready to deliver for you.

5. Send a Hug. We love to ease your mind and stress and do all of the work for you. We research quality local artisan goods, curate them in specially themed gift boxes, personalize your notecard, wrap it all up, and mail it to their door. A meaningful gift from your heart at the click of a button

Here are some other ideas too. Checkout #3 on the list. But if you don't have the time or ideas to curate your own gift basket or box, send a Hug Box filled with authentic local goodies.