The Green Give Back Gift

October 19, 2019

The Signature eco-friendly Hug Box gift box

One of the missions of the Hug Box, as a give back gift, is to be as green as we can. That is why our specialty designed custom-wrapped Hug Boxes are created from eco-friendly materials sourced from local small businesses. Each box and it's materials, from the ribbon to the shreds to the personalized notecard are made from recycled materials and are reusable and recyclable. The reason we do not print on our gift boxes or the ribbon or the mailer box - is so that they may be reused or recycled and because we are not a subscription box. We wrap our box up because it is a gift. We also created a wooden gift tag, which is repurposed as a magnet, with the help of a local partner artisan. We also, love to reuse any packaging materials that we can that we receive from our artisan orders. It's so much fun to reuse and repurpose and not throw things in the trash!

Providing this custom designed gift box, that sends a hug with a green mission in mind, may be more costly to us because of the USA-made and eco-friendly materials, but we want to make sure we are helping to respect our earth. In turn, we hope that you can appreciate our small business values and understand why we can't compete with pricing with the big corporate guys.

After your Hug Box receiver has received their hug and notecard, they are surprised and filled with joy with the inside contents. The local, eco-friendly, quality artisan products we curate that fill the Hug Box are also more cost to us, but worth it as each Hug Box we sell we are supporting local artisan, who also appreciate our earth and try to be as eco-friendly and natural as they can. We know their products are good for you and the earth. All the genuity in a gift and wrapped up to send a hug! 

Wooden Keepsake Gift Box Wooden Keepsake Gift Box with engraved lid  The Keepsake Wooden Hug Box

While we have our signature Hug Box, we do offer the option of a wooden keepsake box. Our keepsake boxes are handcrafted by the same local artisan partner that makes our tag magnets. Therefore, they are of the highest quality. Since they are built from scratch as ordered, they do have a longer turnaround time than if you ordered our signature Hug Box. You have a choice of wood; hard maple or walnut, and may have your own quote, date, or logo engraved on the lid. You may special order a wooden keepsake gift box for your individual Hug Box order. We have provided these custom gift boxes for wedding, graduation, new home and birthday gifts and for company client gifts. If you would like more information on how to order a wooden keepsake gift box and to customize the artisan goods that will go inside, please contact us. We are happy to fulfill your custom gifting needs.

Thank you for supporting small businesses, artisans, the earth and sending hugs!