October 03, 2014

It's so amazing how there is so much support and many success stories for defeating breast cancer. I'm sure a lot of you have known someone who has had breast cancer or has it today or you are facing it yourself. I know a few BC survivors and some from the very past that have lost their lives. I have learned to stay positive, not sad or angry, for those dealing with it. I keep it in my head that they WILL overcome this battle. 

There should be an awareness color and month for every disease, syndrome, disorder, etc. that need a cure. It will be great when all of these are as recognizable as the Pink ribbon. Breast Cancer supporters have done an amazing job spreading awareness.

Breast Cancer - Pink

Pancreatic Cancer - Purple

Autism - Red, Green, Yellow and Blue (puzzle)

Childhood Cancer - Gold

Depression - Green

Diabetes - Gray

Hunger - Orange

I found an article to help.