October 30, 2014

We love to make gift-giving unique and special.

Recently, we had fun building custom hugboxes for a new mommy, and for a birthday for someone who loves wine and being on her sailboat. (Image below: Wine and Sun Makes Fun) 

You can BUILD A HUGBOX for someone too. It's as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Pick up to 5 items. Look through our current themes and see which items you think your gift-receiver would love. It's fun to get ideas and shop from the current themes and mix-it-up. 
  2. Send a list to us. We will make sure everything is in stock, build your hugbox, and send you an email with a link to your hugbox.
  3. Order your customized hugbox. Just click on the link that is sent to your email from thehugbox.