5 Reasons to Send a Hug this Holiday

October 15, 2020

Holiday Hug Gifts

It's about that time... holiday season is just around the corner. 
Here are 5 reasons to think about sending a hug gift!

1. VIRTUAL HUG FROM YOU. During this crazy 2020, so many of us have been in lockdown, and haven't been able to see our loved ones face to face... to hug them. A Hug Box is a virtual hug to let them know you wish you could be together.

2. SO MANY GIFTS IN ONE. Each Hug Box has 6-8 unique, natural, eco-friendly artisan products (like a Christmas stocking!). And each gift is useful, delightful, yummy and or a special keepsake.  

3. GIVE BACK GIFT. The Hug Box gives back to the earth with it's locally sustainable packaging and products. And with each Hug Box sold, you support many local small businesses and artisans with one gift. Last but not least, The Hug Box and many of the artisans also give back to local non-profits.

4. BRINGS A SMILE. The Hug Box is a warm and fuzzy, thoughtful gift that is thoughtfully curated and chosen by you for the giftee. And your gift box comes with a personalized notecard with their name and your message.

5. EASY MEANINGFUL GIFTING & DELIVERY.  We want your ordering process to be as smooth and easy as possible, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We are all about peace and serenity in our lives. Our gift boxes are put together with care with custom-wrapping. Choose from pre-curated Hug Boxes - you can shop by occasion or giftee. We ship all across the US. And deliver locally. Note: Please be mindful of timelines for shipping once we drop off your Hug Box to the USPS or UPS. Because of COVID-19, this holiday season could be busier than ever with deliveries. If you need suggestions on shipping deadlines, please feel free to contact us

We wish to serve our customers with all the ease this holiday season, so please let us know what we can do for you.