College Hugs

August 09, 2019

college student happy and healthy tips

They are off to college. Out on their own. You won't be there to hug them in the morning as they run off to school. It's the beginning of taking care of themselves without mom and dad. Finding what and when to eat. Deciding if it is time to go to bed... yet. And keeping up with the studies, social life and learning to live their best life. Here is a little graphic you can share with your kiddos to help guide them to maintain their health and happiness. 
happy and healthy tips for college students

If you would like this free graphic emailed to you so they can put it on their computer screen, send me a note with your request. 

And don't forget to send them a hug, since you can't be there, checkout our happy and healthy, meaningful College Care Hug Boxes. Easy to order and ship.