Finding Joy

March 16, 2020

Finding Joy

1. Recognize your fear.

Fear can cause you you to react without thinking clearly. Understand your fear first and take appropriate steps to overcome it.

2. Do small joyful things.

Do something small. Laugh with a friend. Watch the sun rise. Walk the dog. Play a game.

3. Stop and breathe.

Find what works for you to manage your anxiety. Whatever works for you, take a moment to breath, meditate, pray, go for a walk, color with bright crayons.

4. Find a solution.

The problem will be there until you take action. Accept the change. Once you do, you will have a sense a relief.

5. Take a step back.

Making negative assumptions will bring on more fear.  Know all of the information to move forward.

6. Be optimistic.

Choosing positivity will destress you. Being grateful will bring you joy.