Hope. Happiness. Hugs. 2021

January 13, 2021

Hope. Happiness. Hugs. 2021

It's a new year, with reflection and forward thinking. It was definitely a challenging, unpredictable and exhausting 2020 for all of us. As always with the bad comes some good. And as always, we are grateful for the good and learning from the bad. 

What have you learned from 2020? What are you grateful for?

Here is some of what I learned and what I am grateful for:

GRATEFUL. Thank you from my heart to all of our new and loyal Hug Boxers for supporting the Hug Box and sending hugs. The shop closed for a few months, but all was easily able to shift back to the home office like the first 3 years of the Hug Box days and since online was where it began, that exceeded and helped the Hug Box keep on hugging!

LEARNED & GRATEFUL. Meanwhile, in between sending hugs to many that needed them. I thought more about the brick and mortar and whether to open again or close up shop. What could I do to keep it alive and kicking? My small lovely community has given me so much opportunity and I have met so many wonderful fellow artisans who have become great friends. From these relationships, I decided to tryout a share space option to those I was already working with and a few new artisan friends that I was introduced to. With this new addition to the Hug Box shop, there are now local artisans that represent one of each medium: leather, concrete, metal, ceramics and pottery, fabric, bath and body, acrylics and since it is going so wonderfully for all, I plan to add glass, wood and watercolor categories. So along with my current curated themed Hug Boxes and my original artisan goods, I now have more amazing and unique products that you can shop and add to your Hug Boxes! This has been a great partnership and so happy that I could help support even more local artisans, and they have definitely supported me and the Hug Box! 

LEARNED. Another new addition will be the Build a Hug Box online option. So many of our amazing customers have been asking for this and while it's a big and costly project, it is finally in the works. We will keep you posted when this is being launched. In the meantime, you may still contact us for a custom individual or group/event gift boxes.

LEARNED. We are also adding on a self-care option for you! Send yourself a hug! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for updates and exclusive promos and how to sign up for the first Self Hug Boxes.

GRATEFUL. Time to create! With my many years in the graphic design and art world, I was always creating for my employers or clients and always putting my ideas and projects on the sideline. Well, stay tuned because this has been a long time coming. And so grateful to be working on and sharing my creations and joy with everyone.

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We're all in this together. Community support and kindness are key to building unity and peace throughout. 

Hugs and prayers,
Creator & Chief Hug Officer