5 Ways to Enjoy July

July 01, 2024

The Hug Box July Blog

Let July Be July.

July is here! Hope your summer has been super fun and Independence Day is a wonderful celebration of freedom with family and friends! 

For the July blog graphic that I created, I pulled this quote from a song that just made me smile and remind me of what I want my summer to be all about. Click here to listen. It will lift your spirits! 

And it is perfect timing since closing the brick and mortar. So far this summer has been filled with visiting family and working on the transition to being back to an online business only. It has definitely freed up some time and I am taking time to rest. Beach vacations are a lovely highlight of the summer, but that is not always possible, and doesn't necessarily mean rest. We are offered freedom, but we let the world of chaos burden us and become so busy. This was a huge reason for my closing the brick and mortar. My decision was clear after my many quiet, restful morning connections with God. He let me know it was time to let go. And being in my mid 50's, slowing down just seems even more important. The work of God is undone by the busyness of life. I'm still working on this and will often need to remind myself, especially being a creative person. The mind tends to be chaotic with all the things. I've had to say no more often and to work on stopping any negativity that only leads to stress. I want to learn to walk like Jesus and never hurry. I hope you are finding time to really rest this summer and everyday throughout.

5 Ways to Enjoy July.

Now I did just talk about resting, but you can't stop enjoying life! I recently listened to a podcast by Mel Robbins. She talks about 5 Fun Ideas to shake up your life and get out of a rut. When I was a shop owner I often thought about the things in my own downtown community that I wanted to see or do, but never did! Definitely harder when you think about all of the things you need to do at home, and keeping up with running a small business on your own in general. Mel talks about how to create a backyard bucket list of things you can do during a weekend that can break up the routine and discover new things. I found it funny when she mentions walking into a store in your main street community that you have never been to before. I heard that a lot when people discovered the Hug Box shop and they were filled with joy shopping there. Those are the things I will miss, and treasure. Truly I loved having the Hug Box shop and still think it incredible that it even came into existence. It was a dream come true. But back to the ideas! She gives examples of her own, but I will share some examples of mine right here in Newnan, Georgia and break down the 5 areas she discusses to help you find your own examples in your town.

1. FIND NEW SMALL BUSINESS SHOPS YOU'VE NEVER BEEN. I already mentioned that about my shop, the Hug Box. A couple weeks after I closed the shop, I went back downtown to visit some friends and pop in some places I haven't been in awhile. While I have been in every shop downtown around the square in Newnan, I want to venture out to Senoia, Georgia, and get to Olivia James Apparel. I love their clothes, but sadly haven't been there yet! Now I can go since I'm not at my shop on the same days and hours they are open. 

2. TAKE A DIFFERENT ROAD OR PATH. This is fun to do when you are traveling - take the back roads, so why not try it in your own town or surrounding areas? I have never been to Callaway Gardens! I thought about going many times, but never planned the day. It's practically in my backyard! This is definitely on my July backyard bucket list. What is around you that is a getaway destination that you have never been? Be a tourist in your own town.

3. EXPLORE ARTS, CULTURE, PUBLIC SPACE. This is a huge one for me being an artist and dancing, acting, singing for years. I love the arts and nature and learning new things! Checkout your local art galleries and museums, historical organizations, community theater, art classes or dance studio or local library, green space or park! I did this a few months back with tap class! For years, I had been wanting to take tap. I've had the tap shoes since I was in my 30s! Finally, I discovered Atelier 20 Perry. So much fun and will continue to go. I could make a long long list here for this category of all that I have experienced and will do again like Backstreet Arts, Mud Haven Pottery (one of my artisans) David Boyd Gallery. But there are some that I have not explored yet, which is crazy, like House of Light, Neighborhood Barre, Dogwood Gallery, Vault Gallery. Backyard bucket list! AND one of my artisan friends, Brush and Blossom started a local artisan market in the Peachtree City - Newnan area called Creative Market and she also has pressed flower workshops! Be sure to attend and sign up for these fun art experiences!

4. TRY A NEW FOOD, RECIPE OR RESTAURANT. Ah this is a good one for me. I tend to make the same meals over and over, because it's easy and quick, but it can get boring. I like to eat real food and healthy, but would pick up some things at the store that I could make at home with more time and with less and healthier ingredients! I have seen so many recipes that use all of the foods I prefer, but the recipes that take longer or are harder (for me) I tend to stay away from. A cooking class or sourdough bread making class would definitely be a learning experience for me. That was another thing cool about owning a shop and working there every day. I met so many new people from the area or out of state and even other countries. We talked about healthy life choices, nearby restaurants, things to do in the area, other small businesses. I met a lovely lady one time who owns an airbnb in Newnan, Georgia and has a sourdough bread class once a month. I wrote her name and number down to be sure to take this class (and believe me I have a long list of names and numbers of people I have met and things to do or checkout). Do you have a cooking class near you? Do you know of any in Newnan, Georgia that you could share? 

5. VOLUNTEER OR JOIN A COMMUNITY GROUP. This one is a wonderful way to meet new people, fulfill your soul, be connected. One of the biggest things for me when closing the shop was to start physically volunteering. I have support nonprofits financially and with graphic design services, but hadn't been hands on in awhile. Newnan Coweta Humane Society and Hearts n Homes Rescue are two local animal rescues where I plan to volunteer. Another wonderful organization is the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Newnan, Georgia. This was something I had thought about for awhile having a Dad, and Grandfathers serve. My husband and I stopped by the local VFW for dinner one night since it's open to the public. We were welcomed with friendly smiles and warm hearts and gave us a tour! I hope to be involved soon to help out so many men and women who have served for our freedom. What is something near and dear to your heart? Is that something in your community that could use a helping hand?

This summer I am very excited to keep working on new ideas and refreshing the website in between my rest. So please continue to check back and remember the Hug Boxes for your gifting needs. There have been some Hug Boxes updated, and they are awesome gifts! A few of the artisans are creating products exclusive to the Hug Boxes too! Hugs From Afar Hug Box is just one of them. And there will be more products added to the Build a Hug Box

Big long hug! Vicki

"My friend loved her Hug Box that I gave her for a retirement gift. She loved getting it as a surprise as I had it mailed to her. Thank you Vickie, for once again your excellent personal customer service and the quality of your products! God bless!"   


  • Wednesday, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 - Gentle Yoga, 1:30pm - 2:30pm, Newnan Carnegie Library, Downtown Newnan 
  • Saturday, July 4 - 4th of July Parade, 9am - 10am - Downtown Newnan
  • Saturday, July 6 - Market Day - Downtown Newnan 
  • Thursday, July 11 - Summer NewnaNights, 6pm - 9pm - Greenville St. Park, Downtown Newnan
  • Saturday, July 13 -  Guided Meditation and Breathing, 11am-12pm, Newnan Carnegie Library, Downtown Newnan
  • Saturday, July 27 - Creative Market, 9am - 3pm- 240 Glynn Street S. Fayetteville Ga
  • Month of July - Backstreet Arts, Newnan - Calendar of Classes

    FOR MORE FREE EVENTS at Newnan Carnegie Library, CLICK HERE
Tilly from NCHS


Tilly is about a year and a half old. She is wonderful with people and super sweet!
www.nchsrescue.org to read more about Tilly. 
CLICK HERE to adopt Tilly.

Be sure to checkout your local rescues to adopt your dog or cat. CLICK HERE for more details for local adoption in Newnan, Georgia.


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