May Hugs

May 05, 2024

May Hugs

Discover Renewal Through Thoughtful Gifts and Heartfelt Conversations.

Hug Box friend!

May is definitely a month of renewing for myself, with the new spring, new path, new purposes. This week already has been amazing seeing loving familiar faces and new and having heartfelt conversations that lift my heart and hopefully theirs as well. I will truly miss the Hug Box community space. But truly delighted to be able to be out more in the community finding my way through God's next steps for the Hug Box, creative works, giving back and spending time with family and friends. Big long hug! Vicki

Which reminds me that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Personally, I have worked through many difficult journeys, by the grace of God, from childhood into adulthood to mid-life. I didn't have the self-love to fully turn to anyone for help as a child or teenager and into even my adulthood. I battled it alone mostly, assuming I could stuff it away. Not the wisest decision, as I could have overcome and avoided a lot of the pain and sorrow easier. Not that it will ever leave you entirely, but knowing that you are never alone and there are loving people that care and most of all God our father is always by your side. He will listen and answer your prayers. I am grateful everyday that I finally found Him in a way I have never known, even as a believer in Him since a child. My testimony to truly facing any of my anxiety, depression, self-doubt, guilt or shame comes from my relationship with Christ. I learn more and more everyday from my relationship with Him. He has led me to people in my life and led people to me for many purposes. To love one another as He has loved us is the truth and the way. His love and strength are everlasting. One reason I conceptualized the Hug Box gifting was to lift spirits, a way to let someone you care about know that you are there for them. A hug, whether physical or virtual, is an amazing kindness.

For all of the women out there especially MOMS, SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and ENTREPRENEURS, this is a great podcast by Robyn Graham as she interviews  Kristen Donnelly and Erin Hinson who authored the book "The Culture of Burnout". If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, burned out, overly stressed, exhausted, and just down about life, listen to this interview about the 4 R's to give you insight and feel freer! LISTEN HERE

To read more about Mental Health Awareness  CLICK HERE
One Hope Nonprofit global initiative for teens and mental health - CLICK HERE

"When you seek truth, you seek God
whether you know it or not.”

– Edith Stein  


Hug Box gift boxes

ORDER YOUR HUG BOXES FOR MOTHERS DAY - Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12. There is still time to get a meaningful gift sent to mom! Checkout our Mothers Day collection. Order by May 6 for shipping in time across the US. Locally in Georgia, you have until May 8. If it is a local delivery in Newnan area, please place order at the latest May 10. The curated Mothers Day gifts are limited, so order soon!

We also have a new BRIDE HUG BOX!

" Vicki made the box perfectly. My friend who is getting married soon loved it!. Thank you, thank you. Second hug box I've ordered."   

All week (May 6-10) is Teacher Appreciation Week! You can order a Best Teacher Ever Hug Box HERE or if you are in Newnan - we have lots of locally made artisan gifts; chocolate, candles, jotters, journals, lotion sticks, lip balms, and you can create your own MINI HUG BOX! 



  • Saturday, May 4  - Market Day - Downtown Newnan 
  • Saturday, May 4  - Hats and Hooves - Downtown Newnan
  • Saturday, May 4 -  Race for the Orphans - Downtown Newnan
  • Saturday, May 11 - The Hug Box 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
    Come by and have some snacks and refreshments and participate in giveaways! HOPE TO SEE YOU! 
  • Saturday May 11 - Teen Open Art Day - Newnan Carnegie Library
  • Saturday, May 18 - Keris Kares Royal Run - Downtown Newnan
  • May 9-12, 16-19 - Wedding Singer, Newnan Theater Company
  • Saturday, May 25 - The Hug Box Retail Space Closing Day



Newnan Coweta Humane SocietyOllie is around 9 months old. Current on vaccines and neutered. Ollie has a sweet personality. He loves people and seems to get along well with other dogs. He was rescued from Animal Services recently, and he is currently learning to sit and walk on a leash. He is a honey! to read more about he. 
CLICK HERE to adopt Ollie

Be sure to checkout your local rescues to adopt your dog or cat. CLICK HERE for more details for local adoption in Newnan, Georgia.





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