No Hugging

May 08, 2020

No Hugging

I never thought I would write the words "no hugging". Here is an article (READ HERE) that popped up about hugging. It mentions DO NOT HUG ON YOUR ELDERLY MOM OR GRANDMA ON MOTHER'S DAY, no matter how much you want to or think you or they are safe.

It is strange out there right now with COVID-19 lurking still. Every time I have to go to the Post Office or UPS to drop off a Hug Box, I am wearing my repurpose, homemade face masks made from bandanas, old t-shirts and hairbands. (READ HERE). I am keeping my distance, constantly hand sanitizing and washing my hands and never touching things I don't need to nor my face. Of course, it feels weird wearing a face mask and some people look at you funny - not sure why. But why not wear one? It seems like only half of the people out there are wearing masks right now. But I would rather be safe than sorry for myself and someone else. Think of the elderly stuck at home by themselves... still with no visitors. Not fun for them. 

We may not be able to actually hug right now, but you can hug someone in other ways. Call, write, text, facetime, especially to those that can't get out yet. I have sent lots of virtual hugs (Hug Boxes) to people all across the U.S. for Mother's Day, Get Well, and Missing You. This is what I love about what I do. There is so much love out there and I get to read about it everyday.

And on another note. Please support mom and pop and self-employed small businesses - they need your help. Most of them are not getting the financial assistance that the bigger "small" businesses have received already and are still getting. And they are still having to find a way to pay their rent, bills, insurance, etc. and even their employees, to try and keep them and sadly some are being forced to close. They might not have 50 or 500 employees to support, but they do have at least one and themselves and their family. Even with the first phase of safe openings, they can't still can't have a lot of customers or full hours, but anything will help them right now. Think about them when you shop online or before you go to the big stores. And keep in mind, shipping from anywhere to anywhere is sometimes slower or may have unexpected changes in delivery during this COVID-19 interruption. We are all in this together somehow someway.

Stay safe and healthy. And virtual hugs to all!