Historic Downtown Newnan

August 14, 2020

Historic Downtown Newnan

Visit Historic Downtown Newnan (City of Homes) and support local small businesses and local artisans and enjoy culture and history. 

So the summer is almost to it's end. Unfortunately events, festivals, markets and more didn't happen like normal summer fun, but going into fall they are slowly coming back in small doses with safety precautions. Downtown Newnan had it's first Safe Saturday Market in August and also started a new event called Forward Fridays, which are happening every first Friday of the month.

UPDATE: Labor Day weekend will have a special weekend with a Labor Day Sidewalk Sale on Friday Sept. 4th - where business owners will have great sales on the sidewalk and Forward Friday will be happening for the second time - with business owners staying open later and sharing their storefronts outdoors with artists, musicians and vendors, and Market Day will be on again safely on Saturday from 10-2pm. 

With COVID-19 still lurking, it is still hard to know where, when and how much to get out, but also knowing that we can't stop living our lives either. Small businesses have been hurt greatly by 2020. Sadly, some have had to close their businesses, or lost employees. Still many are fighting on, doing what they can to survive and adhere to the new normal. They depend on their communities for support and want to keep providing all of their services and products that they have so passionately built. And they of course play it safe and want you to be safe. 

I am honored to be a part of a community, in Newnan, Georgia, that has a lot of business owners and artisans that are hard-working, determined, supportive of one another, collaborative and kind. I have only been in Historic Downtown Newnan for 2 years (as of June), and I am hoping that I can stay here for awhile longer, however that may be. As a graphic designer (my long ongoing career path), as well as the owner of the Hug Box, my creative mind never quits, and challenges have always been fun for me. Not too long ago, before COVID-19 hit, I designed the Historic Downtown Newnan logo to start some movement to our community and have more ideas in the works to help our community be seen and heard. Along with the fabulous small businesses, there is so much here that is hidden. I am still discovering new wonderful things that are within walking distance from my shop. And I want everyone (locals and visitors) to know about them!

Checkout Historic Downtown Newnan on facebook and instagram. We are pushing forward to nourish our Downtown and keep it growing and to keep you up-to-date on local happenings, hidden gems and businesses!