We are a Shopify success story

June 21, 2017

Shopify success stories

Shopify Success Story - the Hug Box™

thehugbox™ came to life after discovering Shopify for our ecommerce website design.

I had a soft launch with friends and family pre-site. Now I was ready to launch thehugbox to the world. I needed to let go of the perfection and get my site up and running for business. I had already spent months, in 2013, working out the concept, brand, researching for artisans and products that fit the brand, designing, trademarking, shipping options and on and on.

Shopify was perfect since I was new to the e-commerce world and working with a new business budget with only my savings and then full-time job income. I have been a graphic designer for over 25 years, but know only the basics for html/css coding. Shopify's templates and interface made it easy for me to add my graphics and to edit some of the html/css to work with my brand. I am constantly updating the site, especially since there are always new apps that help improve your marketing, sales and SEO presence, and lots more. As thehugbox grows, I will eventually redesign and hire a coder to help, but I will stay with Shopify.

It's constantly changing and I am constantly learning. Today I am using my first paid app - springbot. They help manage the analytics, to reach more of my audience and helping me with facebook ad challenges. And I love the instagram feed for it's simplicity and reaching a global audience, even though I don't ship outside the USA as of yet. But they can have a Hug Box™ delivered to someone in the USA. :)

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