Vote for the Hug Box!

March 19, 2018

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Vicki Sanders and the Hug Box mascot LeviVote for the Hug Box! We are thrilled that the Hug Box™ was accepted in the Fed Ex Small Business Grant Contest.

"It was always in my heart that someday one of my creations would make a difference. Over the years, I was 'the hugger', had great joy in gifting, creating, learning and practicing healthy, eco-friendly ways of living. In 2014, I lost my job and met my future husband. Those attributes, life changes, faith and patience led to the Hug Box™ coming to life – helping others give gifts from their hearts, to send a hug from afar, and to support small businesses, and give back to communities and the earth" — Vicki Sanders, Creator + CHO (Chief Hug Officer)

This grant would help to:
1. keep offering shipping promos. Shipping is a big part of our online business. We offer a flat fee to help out customers, but pay extra with every order. 

2. buy more inventory of eco-friendly, USA-made, small business and artisan products and add upgrades to our eco-friendly packaging. It's more expensive, but worth it! These qualities are the brand of the Hug Box™.

3. hire a photographer, web developer, SEO and marketing experts to update the website - add on customization, be more prominent on the web for get well and cheer up gifts and expand our sales.

4. to profit and be able to grow our funds for the Hug-a-Child Campaign. :)

We thank you for your time and support with a quick click of a vote. 
Click here to vote for theHugBox