Celebrating Mom

April 27, 2021

Mother's Day 2021

Celebrating Mom(s)!

This year, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th. Of course, everyday should be a day to appreciate all that a mom is and does... everyday. But having a national day all their own to be recognized and hopefully treated to something special and of course a day to remember those moms lost is a meaningful gesture of love and gratitude.

I wanted to dedicate this Mom's Day blog to a few artisan friends. Coincidentally, these strong and joyful women, either being moms and/or caring for other  children or their moms are going through some trials currently. If you happen to know any of them personally, you understand what I am talking about. But without sharing their personal stories, I wanted to share their creative talents that bring so many people joy. Their passion, hearts and beautiful and unique products are why they were chosen to be part of the Hug Box. If you are looking for a gift for the mom(s) in your life, please keep them in mind as they have so many amazing options of gifts for women. You will be supporting women-owned small businesses and fabulous moms while celebrating the mom(s) in your life! And if you are a mom, which I bet you are - even if you don't have kids of your own - treat yourself. You deserve it!

Miranda Allen of Line Creek Leather

Line Creek Leather by Miranda Allen. Miranda offers handmade inspirational and custom leather goods from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, purses, keychains and more. She has also written a book called "Mommy is not an Octopus"! Miranda is a lover of nature and wine and her two little youngsters. 

Heather Bergholt of Pick it Place Designs

Pick it Place Designs by Heather Bergholt. Heather works with acrylics on wood. She paints happy, vibrant, mostly floral art! And with her creations she offers customized paintings, flower pots, home goods and so much more. She also has mugs, notecards and t-shirts with her creations. Heather is a (closet) social media expert and has a teenage daughter. 


AJ Sears Moore of Mud Haven Pottery

MudHaven Pottery and Wear by AJ Sears Moore and Jess Norris. This dynamic duo are getting ready to open their own community and workshop pottery studio along with providing their own creations from pots, mugs, jewelry, and even water fountains! AJ and Jess have been the best of friends for many years and share the joy of their dogs and little ones. 

Jess Norris of Mud Haven Pottery






Annie Singh-Quern

"Journey into Simple Living" Book by Annie Singh-Quern. Annie has written a book for women filled with self-care practices for busy women in fact, especially for moms! Annie is a marketing guru and has a big role in bringing women in the community together. She is a mom of a boy and a girl.


Suzi McKibben of Wrens Nest Studios

Wrens Nest Studio by Suzi McKibben. Suzi creates beautiful ceramic jewelry and more and offers a studio space for other creatives to develop their talents and to bring joy into their lives. Suzi is a lover of nature and a mom to her young kiddos.



Susan Krause, Sculptor

Susan Krause Artworks, by Susan Krause a fine artist and professional instructor, has brought nature into her work using metal and plaster to create animal sculptures of all sizes.  Currently she is working on a commissioned piece involving a lot of metal fish. Susan is also a lover of nature, her dogs and many other animals and is the sole caretaker of her mom. 


You can find their creations at the Hug Box shop and in some of the curated Hug Boxes online. Please check them out HERE and follow them on social media as that is a great way to connect to them!

Heather, Susan, and AJ and others will also be joining us at the shop on Saturday, May 8th from 4-8pm for a rescheduled Tornado Relief Benefit. Click here for details.